The Matrix Save the Cat! Beat Sheet


Genre: Superhero


Opening Image

A computer screen indicating a call in progress. We hear two people talking about “The One.” We’ll soon know them as Trinity and Cypher. one is a true believer, the other a traitor. The point is made in this opening snapshot: there is a secret world connected via phone line ellipses in a “Savior” was coming soon.

Theme Stated

After a great opening sequence of Trinity inaction, she escapes the bad guys, including agent Smith, via a ringing payphone. We now meet Neo, living in the slacker squalor as the world’s coolest computer hacker. When visited by a customer, Neil says: quote do you ever have the feeling that you’re not sure if you’re awake or dreaming?” What is reality? That’s what this movie is about.


Told, “you are my savior, man, my own personal Jesus Christ” by visitor, Neo goes to a club where he meets Trinity. At minute 10, she introduces herself saying: “I know why you don’t sleep, white night after night we sit at your computer.”


The next day at Neo’s workplace, right at minute 13, a package arrives. Inside: a phone. On it: Morpheus.


Should Neo believe in the unseen world Morpheus is talking about? “They’re coming for you, Neo,” he’s told. And indeed, here comes agent Smith to arrest him. But what is Neo to do? In a series of refusals to believe, Neil drags his feet.

Break into Two


B Story




Buy Guys Close In


All is Lost


Dark Night of the Soul


Break into Three




Final Image